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About Me

Hello, I am Olli Malmivaara, an artist and photographer living in Helsinki, Finland. 


I make abstract and landscape paintings in acrylics, oils, watercolours and pastels. Lately I have also made digital paintings. I have attended several art exhibitions, both group expos and solo expos in different countries.

Currently I am a board member in Helsinki Art Society (Helsingin Taideseura HTY ry).


 I have always loved making images. As a kid I used to draw a lot and I was also very interested in cameras. I bought my first real film camera (Canon FT SLR) when I was 12. Unfortunately (or fortunately) life has its own paths. For many decades I didn't shoot much. Lately however I have been lucky to have more time of my own to do the things I love. And I love making images, both paintings and photos..

In these pages I showcase some of my photos and paintings. Thank you for watching my work.


If you want to buy my paintings or photos please send me a message from the Contact page.

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